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Scientific publications


Scientific publications are a fundamental part of communicating CareMiBrain’s advances in the diagnosis of neurological diseases to the medical community. The complete list of published or submitted articles, posters and presentatios up to date are the following:

Articles in press:


• Gandia – Ferrero, MT., Torres – Espallardo, I., Martínez – Sanchis, B., Morera – Ballester, C., Muñoz, E., Sopena – Novales, P., González – Pavón, G., Martí – Bonmatí, L., et al. Objective image quality comparison between Brain-Dedicated PET and PET/CT Scanners. Journal of Medical Systems, 47, 88 (2023).

• González-Montoro, A., Sánchez, F., Martí, R., Hernández, L., Aguilar, A., Barberá, J., Catret, J.V., Cañizares, G., Conde, P., Lamprou, E. and Martos, F., 2018. Detector block performance based on a monolithic LYSO crystal using a novel signal multiplexing method. Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research Section A: Accelerators, Spectrometers, Detectors and Associated Equipment, 912, pp.372-377.

• González-Montoro, A., Sánchez, F., Bruyndonckx, P., Cañizares, G., Benlloch, J.M. and González, A.J., 2019. Novel method to measure the intrinsic spatial resolution in PET detectors based on monolithic crystals. Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research Section A: Accelerators, Spectrometers, Detectors and Associated Equipment, 920, pp.58-67.

• Moliner, L., Rodríguez-Alvarez, M.J., Catret, J.V., González, A., Ilisie, V. and Benlloch, J.M., 2019. NEMA performance evaluation of CareMiBrain dedicated brain PET and comparison with the whole-body and dedicated brain PET systems. Scientific reports, 9(1), pp.1-10.

• Cabrera-Martín, M.N., González-Pavón, G., Hernández, M.S., Morera-Ballester, C., Matías-Guiu, J.A. and Delgado, J.L.C., 2021. Validation technique and improvements introduced in a new dedicated brain positron emission tomograph (CareMiBrain). Revista Española de Medicina Nuclear e Imagen Molecular (English Edition).

• A. J. González, A. González-Montoro, R. Martí, F. Sánchez and J. M. Benlloch, Implementation of Monolithic Crystals in Stand- Alone Brain PET, and PET-MR Insert, Developments. 2017 IEEE Nuclear Science Symposium and Medical Imaging Conference (NSS/MIC), 2017, pp. 1-3,

• Herrero, J.G., García, J.N., Vicente, C.M.A., Serra, J.L.P., Navarro, M.J.S., Mascarell, J.C. and Babiera, J.M.B., 2018. Desarrollo de un novedoso equipo para el diagnóstico temprano del Alzheimer. Revista de biomecánica, (65), p.3.

Posters and congress presentations:

• C. Morera-Ballester, S. Jiménez-Serrano, S. Beschwitz, F. Schmidt3, P. J. Markiewicz, 2021. NiftyPET: Fast Quantitative Image Reconstruction For a New Brain PET Camera CareMiBrain. IEEE Nuclear Science Symposium and Molecular Imaging Conference 2021 (IEEE NSS MIC). Poster (M-15-199) and Mini-oral presentation (MO-03-10).

• Pedro Nespral Torres, Alba Abadía Ruiz, Raquel Valhondo Rama, Cristina Wakfie Corieh, María Nieves Cabrera Martín, Miguel Sanchís Hernández, Gabriel González Pavón, JA Matías Guiu, José Luis Carreras Delgado. Fase de validación de PET cerebral CareMiBrain (Ex aequo prize to best oral presentation). 38 congreso virtual SEMNIM, 24-27 may 2021. Oral presentation (#185). detail=113768&a=semnim2021&trackid=&i=#!

• P. Nespral Torres, A. Abadía-Ruiz, A. Delgado-Cano, M. Cabrera-Martín, G. González-Pavón, C. MoreraBallester, M. Sanchís-Hernández, J. Matías-Guiu, J. Carreras-Delgado. Technical improvements implemented in a PET dedicated to the brain (CaremiBrain) in its technical validation phase. 2021 European Association of Nuclear Medicine (EANM) congress. Hamburg, 20-23 oct 2021. E-Poster (EPS095) and oral presentation.

Reviews and articles

• González, A.J., Sánchez, F. and Benlloch, J.M., 2018. Organ-dedicated molecular imaging systems. IEEE Transactions on Radiation and Plasma Medical Sciences, 2(5), pp.388-403.

• Hutton, B.F., Erlandsson, K. & Thielemans, K. Advances in clinical molecular imaging instrumentation. Clin Transl Imaging 6, 31–45 (2018).

• Majewski, S., 2020. The path to the “ideal” brain PET imager: The race is on, the role for TOF PET. Il nuovo cimento C, 43(1), pp.1-35.

• Anton-Rodriguez, J.M., Julyan, P., Djoukhadar, I., Russell, D., Evans, D.G., Jackson, A. and Matthews, J.C., 2019. Comparison of a standard resolution PET-CT scanner with an HRRT brain scanner for imaging small tumors within the head. IEEE Transactions on Radiation and Plasma Medical Sciences, 3(4), pp.434-443.

• Morrocchi, M. and Del Guerra, A., 2020. Positron Emission Tomography: alive and kicking after more than 65 years on stage. Journal of Instrumentation, 15(03), p.C03050.

The following doctoral Thesis also mention CareMiBrain:

• González Montoro, A., 2018. Design and implementation of PET detectors based on monolithic crystals and SiPMs.

Finally, a book on nuclear medicine is currently being reviewed and is planned to be published by CNRS editions in France on Q4’2021:

Le corps en images, L. BLANC-FERAUD, E. CARUYER, C. JUTTEN and H. LIEBGOTT (dir.), CNRS Editions, in press.

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